St. Vincent de Paul
  Catholic School

We Are Catholic

St. Vincent's takes pride in our Catholic identity. We begin and end each day as a school with prayer.  Each grade studies religion as part of the regular curriculum, and the whole atmosphere is imbued with the faith in which we strive to live, learn, & grow each day. The whole school gathers for the liturgy of the Eucharist each week, with 1st - 5th grades attending an additional weekly Mass, and we frequently end the week together as a school in our monthly Friday afternoon prayer services. The focus on God - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit - in the classroom as well as in the daily relationships among students and with staff makes St. Vincent's a place to learn not only about the world but also about Christ, who is at work in our hearts and in our families. St. Vincent students are given not only an education for a successful life and career, but are given the tools and support they need to grow ever deeper in their faith and to become stronger Christian witnesses, to spread the Gospel message to the world.

Teaching Discipline and Respect

Today's Catholic schools look beyond the curricular areas to remind children that they are responsible citizens. Discipline has become synonymous with respect aand responsibility. Children are taught to be responsible for their own actions. The school is not just a building, but also a place where children know they are loved. They are free to learn and love each other in an atmosphere of care and concern.



Goals and Success


Catholic schools have a very clear goal for their students.

The vast majority of Catholic school students -- 99 percent -- graduate from high school.
97% go on to college and 94% earn a college degree. The programs taught in elementary and secondary schools prepare students for this goal.
Students are held to a high standard of achievement and are expected to succeed.
SAT scores rank among the highest in the nation.
The small class size found at most Catholic schools give students the individual attention they need to excel in their studies.
Catholic schools give students personal, hands-on education and training.